Not just a bar, but a culture

Cat and Mouse opened in March 2015 and quickly became the emblem of the new life of Kapana. The bar was the first in the southern part of the creative district, and the Cats and Mice's energy was too contagious. In just three years around the first club on Hristo Dyukmedzhiev Street, there have been more than 15 other establishments. The bar is distinctive with its concept, design and great staff. The emphasis in Cat and Mouse is the craft beer. There are over 150 types of beer from different parts of the planet, and on the shelves and in the refrigerators you can even find true exotics, such as the world's rarest beer - Westvleteren.

Because of the great interest that has made the place an institution, we don’t stop developing to meet the needs of our clients and friends. After two extensions, Cat and Mouse already occupies three houses.

The coworking space Cat and Mouse Coworking is a natural extension of the first craft beer bar in Kapana. It is the place for all those creative people who need a slightly more relaxed atmosphere but without going beyond the boundaries of the creative district, where inspiration is literally everywhere.