It all started with a beer bar. In 2015 we put our hearts and souls into creating “Cat and Mouse”. It just so happened that we were in the center of Kapana’s rebirth, and the bar quickly became iconic in the new life of the creative district. With a large variety of over 150 types of beer from all around the world, as well as a distinctive concept, memorable design and amazing personnel, the bar became a favorite among plovdivians and a must-see for any visitor in town.

Work and fun

The visitors became more numerous and more diverse. Due to the huge interest that made the place so infamous, we never stop growing and satisfying the needs of our customers and friends. We work and create in rooms above “Cat and Mouse” since the district's inception, and we have always wanted to share that feeling with others. This is why we created Cat & Mouse Coworking - a shared working space that attracts creative and entrepreneurial people, looking for a place where they can turn their ideas into reality. Cat & Mouse Coworking proves that in the creative atmosphere in the art district of Plovdiv there is room not just for good times, but also for generating ideas, potential and productive energy.

The shared office attracts people from a wide variety of fields and experience, and creates a feeling of community. The close proximity to the bar allows an easy change in the work environment at any time and a seamless transition between work and pleasure.

Slow living

A natural extension of the lazy evenings under the hills, MouseHouse was born as the perfect guest house in two locations at the very center of Plovdiv. The first location remains in our original home - Kapana. MouseHouse is located on a quiet street of the art district, a few steps away from some of the most popular attractons and only 50 meters away from “Cat and Mouse”. Our second location is right next to the main pedestrian street - close to the Kameniza stairs and the Italian street. MouseHouse is not just a guest house - through it we try to express our idea of a pleasurable and slow bohemian life in Plovdiv.

Experiencing Plovdiv as a local

To add to the wholesome experience of the town visitors, we created the digital guide Lost in Plovdiv. It is not simply a guide, but also a subjective compass and a factor for the truly important things around here, the hidden treasures, the history, the places under the hills that are worth a visit and all the interesting things that are happening in and around Plovdiv. The website is bilingual, written in both English and Bulgarian, because we wanted the things that are important to us, plovdivians, to be accessible to everyone.

Cat & Mouse Experience

Each of our projects has been born out of our desire to show our views on how we have fun in Plovdiv, how we work and how we rest. They are unified by our attitude towards everything - personal, respectful and attentive. This can be felt not just in our communication with people.

Each room at the bar, the coworking and the guest houses are renovated with explicit respect to the history of the space and with a great attention to detail. The design is based on natural materials like wood, metal, brick and marble, which are skillfully combined to give true pleasure to the senses. We do not tolerate imitations and that inspired us to create furniture that is almost entirely artisanal. We worked to preserve the spirit of each building that we occupy, while expressing our huge passion for design. Our projects complete each other, and what brings them together is the pursuit of an authentic experience.

In the media

The name "Cat and Mouse" can often be seen in The New York Times, National Geographic, as well as a number of travel blogs.