Cat and mouse is the first craft beer bar in Plovdiv and perhaps the most popular place in Kapana. The bar is located in the very heart of the creative district and offers over 100 types of Belgian, German, Czech, British, Serbian and Bulgarian craft beer. The club has a signature design created by the architects of Studio 8 ½. They have created two completely different faces of the bar in the interior in its two halls, skillfully interweaving wood, brick, marble, and metal to make the kingdom of Cats and Mice really exciting.

A special focus in the bar is the wooden staircase, which is very often used as an improvised booth. The most accurate definition of the interior design is the Berlin-Scandinavian interior. One of the interesting elements in the first room of the beer house is the old track bicycle, "parked" over the toilet, the large rodent traps hanging over the bar itself, the big blackboard right at the entrance. Every visitor can write something on it with a chalk you can easily find. The board is wiped out every two months so everyone can leave something. In the second room, accents are the old plasters of the over 100-year-old house, the marble, and the metal, combined with the designer furniture. Don’t miss the rodent trap detail, too - you will see it if you look at the ceiling.