Rent a room in Cat & Mouse

Cat & Mouse Coworking is formed as a natural extension of the first beer bar in Kapana and is a confirmation that there is a place in Kapana not only for entertainment but also for those who concentrate ideas, potential and work energy. We know perfectly well that for people working in different companies as well as for freelancers and entrepreneurs, the working day does not necessarily go entirely on the laptop, and we recognize the need for a dedicated meeting room. Therefore, in addition to a coworking space, we offer a room for rent.

Meeting room

Cat & Mouse Coworking has a secluded venue suitable for meetings and events, located in the top centre of Plovdiv. In our meeting room you can also conduct your job interviews, conference calls, team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or take advantage of the space for organizing a private event, in-company training, presentation, talk or lecture. The high-speed internet we offer also allows you to conduct online calls and meetings. The room can also be rented for a remote office for your team - a great way to diversify your workday and thus boost productivity. It has a capacity of up to 12 people and the price for rent for a day varies according to the specifics of the event and the number of visitors and starts from 90 BGN.

Event space

For more informal or public events, you can also rent the second room of the bar, which has a capacity of up to 35 people. Here, you can successfully host presentations, lectures, talks, training, press conferences, club meetings, book presentations, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, teambuilding, and corporate parties.

Individual approach to your needs

The success of an event depends on many factors, but undoubtedly one of the most important things is the space in which it takes place. Cat & Mouse Coworking is located in a top central location in the heart of Kapana and is accessible from anywhere in the city, and the interior of our rooms relies on comfort. The immediate proximity to the bar offers the opportunity for a coffee break and is a great prerequisite for your event to flow seamlessly into a more informal and casual networking format.

We approach each client's request personally and will take care of everything to the smallest detail. The event rooms of our coworking can be rented any day of the week, even on weekends. We will prepare the space for your event, and according to your needs, we can assist with additional services such as specially selected drinks from the bar, delicious catering, professional filming, technique and equipment, publicity and reporting.

For additional questions: Contact us on +359 883449652.