Cat and Mouse quickly became one of Kapana's most iconic places but we know perfectly well that it would not be what it is without the people who visit it.

Today, meet Annie, a digital artist and illustrator whose works you can see behind the bar.

Introduce yourself:

Anelia Yankova – Annie.

What is your favorite beer?

There are many but one of my most favorites is Starobrno – big.

What is Cat & Mouse for you?

A very nice place in my favorite “trap”, with a great selection of nice beer and nice people around! 

How long have you been visiting the bar and what makes you come back?

Hmm, how many years has it been? What I described above: a wonderful beer, a very pleasant atmosphere and the people around.

Tell us a funny story from the bar.

Haha, well, it isn’t just one. There are a lot of reasons to smile/laugh there! It's fun every time!