The Coworkers from Cat and Mouse Coworking

Introduce yourself.

My name is Álvaro Castro-Castilla, I’m a software developer and online entrepreneur. I’m from Spain. I’ve started, succeeded and failed in many digital projects, I still love what I do and will do for very long. I’m passionate both about the technological details, as well as the beauty of visual and musical experiences. I have a past as a digital artist and will be back to art soon enough. I’m a nomad, so live and work in many places.

What do you do?

I work as a freelance software developer, I specialize in full-stack applications on one side and backend/distributed systems on the other, which means creating cloud applications or designing the architecture of backend systems. My stacks of choice are Clojure and Go. On the side, I’m starting my new business in the online space.

Why did you choose a coworking space rather than a conventional office?

I’m on the move constantly, and even though I’m going to spend some time in Plovdiv, that’s in essence the reason. It doesn’t make sense to rent an office for me. And it’s to be around people and not work alone, because I don’t really need a space either.

What made you choose our coworking space?

I knew Laurent and he was here. I came, I liked it, I stayed. I liked the coffee too, and the vibe.

What kind of people did you meet here?

The coworking is small, but the people here are all fun and nice to work with. When upstairs, is better to focus and work hard, but the cool thing is that you can hang out in the bar or outside, and meet visitors, or everyone working in Cat & Mouse. Pretty cool people and atmosphere!