Introduce yourself:

Italian expatriate living in Plovdiv for more than 5 years

What is your favorite beer?

Duvel tripel hop (the 2015 version was the best for me)

What is Cat and Mouse for you?

A second and often a first home

How long have you been at the bar and what makes you come back?

The first time that I have entered in Cat and Mouse was maybe the 2nd day of their opening. From that day they are forced to see me regularly. I love the atmosphere of this place.

Tell us a funny story from the bar.

Like in the jokes… there are 2 Italian guys, Mihaela (the bartender) at the bar during a Saturday night in winter, and a misunderstanding. The “barabonki” story is already a well-known story in Kapana. We learned this Bulgarian word but we didn’t know the meaning, so we have asked the meaning to Mihaela. She answered in English that that this word means the goat poo. Due to the confusion of the many people in the bar instead to understand “goat poo” we heard “God poo”…so for more than 20 min this misunderstanding made half a bar laugh. (mmm maybe this story written is not so funny, but I still remember the laughing mist with embarrassment of this moment ahahah).