Cat & Mouse beer passport

We created Cat and Mouse with the idea that Plovdiv needs a place for relaxed evenings with friends and a glass of quality beer in hand. We put our desire to nurture the taste for good beer under the hills. Today, the bar offers over 150 beers from all over the globe, and this pursuit has become a mission. So on our fourth birthday, we decided to encourage our clients and friends to enrich their knowledge with a new challenge - the Cat and Mouse beer passport. We have included 16 selected Bulgarian and Belgian craft beers for you to try.

The selection is not accidental. Bulgarian craft beers are present in our passport because we support the native brewing industry and we want to show our visitors how well it is doing and developing.

Bulgarian craft beer

The first beer we invite you to drink is labelled Cat and Mouse. After two years of searching for the perfect combination, we now have four different beer flavours for you to choose from.

We couldn’t help but include more beer names associated with Plovdiv. Hills, whose brewery is located very close - in Perushtitsa, offers six types of unfiltered and non-pasteurized Bavarian-style beer. Ailyak is a beer that, although it is not brewed under the hills, reminds us of the specific state of calmness and timelessness that is so well practised by the people of Plovdiv.

We also settled on one of the first craft breweries - White Stork and Divo Pivo. For the last five years, they have been constantly upgrading the taste of their products and are constantly offering something new to the customer.

We also included Dvama I Trima, Metalhead and Beer Bastards in our list of Bulgarian craft. Three brands related to home brewing, which tirelessly follow the trends of the world craft scene and transfer them to our home soil, so that the Bulgarian consumer can easily reach them.

Belgian beer

Belgian beer holds a special place in the beer rows of the Cat and Mouse. It was the Belgian beers that we started with four years ago because of their rich history that has made them a quality standard. That's why we included them in our beer passport. We start with Westmalle, Chimay, Rochefort and Orval - trappist beers that we think every connoisseur of the hop elixir should try.

Duvel is one of the best-selling and recognizable beers in Belgium. Each year, they present a different version of Triple Hop, which is brewed in limited quantities and emphasizes different combinations of aromatic hops.

You will also find two of Bosteels Brewery's brands in your beer passport. These are Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet. They are classic non-Trappist beers known all over the world. Tripel Karmeliet has a gold and silver medal from the World Beer Cup in the Best Belgian Triple Aile category, and in 2008 won the World Beer Awards for a best pale ale. Kwak is a classic amber ale with an attractive amber colour and a nice caramel flavour. Last in the Cat and Mouse passport we put our beloved Delirium, a cult Belgian beer, distinguishable by the iconic pink elephant from the label and the unique ceramic bottle. And for the tastes, we strongly recommend that you try them all.

Awards for the biggest beer lovers

You will receive a stamp for each of the sixteen beers you try. When you collect all the stamps in your personal beer passport, you will receive special prizes from the home of the beer in Kapana - Cat and Mouse. To help you boast that you have already become a true beer connoisseur, we will award you with a personalized beer medal. It cannot be bought, only earned. We'll add a Cat and Mouse bag and a glass to it, as well as one of our branded beers.

Our first beer lover to fill in/drink his entire beer passport is Ivaylo Stefanov - Ziggy.

Here’s what he shared with us:

What brought you to Cat and Mouse:
Friends - in this case, you, who work here, the new ones, as well as my love for the hop lemonade, built during my life in the Netherlands.

What is your favorite beer from the beer passport:
Difficult question - I love beers, I love them all, but certainly the more hoppy ones get my attention, as do the lambics.

What do you like in this beer:
The strong hoppy taste reminds me of the nights in the Netherlands, when we went out with friends and discussed good ideas we are currently developing, I guess nostalgia. The acidity reminds me of sweet and sour beers that go well with chocolate desserts.

How do you feel being the first winner of our beer medal:
I wanted to be second and third, too, but unfortunately they stole the second place from me, but I feel great that I was first in something for many years.

What makes you come back to us:
The love, the people, the work, the meetings, the conversations and the ideas that are generated in a pleasant pub setting.

We say CHEERS from our entire team and are waiting for you at Cat and Mouse to get your first beer passport.