The faces behind the bar

Introduce yourself

I’m Andrey and I’m pathologically late. I hate bad weather, Denzel Washington and bald people in anime.

How long have you been a bartender in Cat & Mouse and what keeps you here?

About three and a half years. What keeps me is the fact that I cannot be unemployed. To be extremely honest. Ha ha. No, well, I love working here. I like everything, the atmosphere and, most of all, the people. There are infinitely many different visitors coming here who always tell me a different story or perspective. I enjoy this and I think that my strength is to talk with everyone.

What is Cat & Mouse for you?

Black hole. A place with highly concentrated gravity.

What is your favorite beer? And which beer do you recommend most often to customers?

People will have to visit the bar when I'm on shift and find out.

Tell us a funny story from the bar:

Our lovely former colleague Gergana, after the first shift, left me with two apparently drunk people at the bar without telling me anything, she just disappeared. Didn't even warn me. And after the first five minutes, I realized that I needed to maneuver a lot and take care of these two people for the next three hours. One was sleeping over a beer and the other was explaining to me that this was Mityo the Beer and he retired and screwed himself today. However, forgetting that the other person was Mityo the Beer, he decided that he was Mityo the Beer himself, and began to explain to me how he hadn’t really screwed himself, and asked me if I had screwed myself, but didn’t wait for an answer. I don't know what that meant, he was just sitting there screaming at people asking them if they screwed themselves. I told him that I could no longer serve him alcohol and that in my opinion he should drink a coffee to wake up and go. And he looked at me and told me that he would only leave if I played Eye of the Tiger. And for about 15 minutes, he asked me to play Eye of the Tiger. Youtube decided to save me at that moment and played an Aerosmith song and he said "Ah, here’s the Eye of the Tiger!" and left.