For six years now, the Cat and Mouse bar has been the first stop for all beer lovers under the hills. When it opened in March 2015, Kapana creative district had a completely different look, but despite its change and transformation into a distinct area full of restaurants and entertainment venues, beer lovers return every time for one drink at least. Along with the huge variety of local and foreign craft beers, in 2017 the bar presented the first beer with the brand Cat and Mouse. It quickly won many fans and once again drew the focus to the original idea of ​​its creators - artisan beer and especially attention to local craft producers.

Today, despite the complicated situation around the coronavirus, in Cat and Mouse you can enjoy as many as 6 types of beer from their own brand. Five of them are bottled and one is on tap according to the season. The undisputed favorite of customers is the session IPA. As a composition, it is more hopped and with a more distinct fruity note. At the same time, it is quite light and, as its name suggests, you can easily drink a whole session from it and really quench your thirst in the upcoming hot summer day.

According to the people behind the bar, the most preferred by connoisseurs is the red ale Cat and Mouse, which is quite malty, but at the same time not as heavy as the other representatives of the style. The other three types: lager, weiss and ale tap 2 are just as simple, but again in each of them you can feel the quality of the Bulgarian craft school. The aim of the various offers is to reach the widest audience and with a simple and unobtrusive taste to attract new fans of beer culture in Bulgaria. The tap option changes according to the season and is made following a recipe of the Fabric Brewery. At the moment you can enjoy the extremely drinkable unpasteurized and unfiltered blond ale, quite suitable for summer because of its freshness and lightness.

What attracts a large number of customers to the beer place is the fact that Cat and Mouse is not just a craft beer bar, but a real social hub that brings people together not only because of their love for a good drink, but also because of various common interests and even projects. In recent years, the idea of ​​creating a coworking space  in Plovdiv for all creative and entrepreneurial minds, determined to turn their ideas into reality, as well as the boutique guest house as a continuation of the casual evenings under the hills was realized successfully and quite naturally.

Cat and Mouse is a complete experience for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the city under the hills and take full advantage of the many opportunities for cultural and social life and a favorable business climate.

Source: Lost in Plovdiv