Coworking spaces offer opportunities to collaborate with other professionals, create a lifestyle appropriate to your work ethic and determination, and make it easier to distinguish between personal and professional life. But often the new place can also be a reason for distraction and a way to deviate from specific tasks. For these cases, the Cat and Mouse Coworking team offers you 8 proven tricks to increase your productivity and ensure concentration in the moments when it is needed.

Choose the right coworking space

Generally speaking, it must meet your personal preferences and specific professional requirements. Questions such as whether there is enough good lighting, whether there is an opportunity to work outdoors, whether there is coffee and additional benefits are of great importance and contribute to the right choice. Before signing a rental agreement, make sure you feel comfortable in the space. You can do a trial day or a week to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and get a sense of the place.

Wear headphones, even if you are not listening to music

People around you will be constantly walking, talking or coming and going. All these distractions can be easily avoided with headphones. Even if you don't want to be distracted by a favorite song, wearing headphones reduces the sounds around you, so it's easier to disregard the noise around you.

Take planned breaks

When the professionals you work with know that you take breaks at 10 am and at noon, for example, they are more likely to contact you during that time. Networking is an extremely important part of working in a coworking space, but always make sure that you don’t disturb others and distract them from any current task.

Get rid of distractions

If your work is intense and your attention is easily diverted, choosing not to see what is happening in your coworking space will help you avoid distraction. Choose a desk away from a conversation or just turn your back to focus on your work.

Clean and tidy workspace

There is nothing more stressful and unproductive than piles of paper falling from your desk and an overflowing trash can. A clean and tidy workspace creates an attractive place to work, so periodically remove unnecessary documents and store them in office organizers.

Avoid impromptu meetings when you’re busy

Unplanned, impromptu appointments can waste a lot of time and really mess up your schedule. In case something lasts longer than usual, just apologize and schedule a conversation at a time convenient for you and your interlocutor.

Daily schedule

When you go to work every morning, plan your day and make a list of the work you need to do. Marking the last item at the end of working hours motivates you to do the same thing again the next day.

Treat yourself

Don’t allow deadlines and working days to completely stress your body and health. Treat yourself after a long day's work or after you've completed a project you've been working on for weeks. This will additionally charge you with positive emotions and motivate you for further business ventures!