People have never been as flexible in their careers as they are today. Increasing opportunities for networking also provide endless options for choosing a place from which to tick off tasks and where to spend your free time. More and more often young people choose digital nomadism as an option for exploring new destinations and immersing themselves in the local flavor, and our endeavor really turns your stay in Plovdiv into a real community experience.

What Cat and Mouse Coworking Plovdiv can offer you is a unique combination of perfect conditions for making acquaintances, finding like-minded people or friends due to the unique atmosphere of its location and the interesting symbiosis between a beer bar, a coworking space and accommodation.

The creators of the concept have been working and creating in the premises above Cat and Mouse, the cult beer bar in Kapana, since the very formation of the district and have long wanted to share this feeling. Cat & Mouse Coworking proves that in the creative atmosphere of Plovdiv, there is room not only for fun, but also for generating and concentrating ideas, potential and work energy.

The coworking space attracts people with a variety of professions and experiences and creates a sense of community. The close proximity of the bar and coworking space allows you to change the working environment at any time and to alternate work with pleasure.

As a natural continuation of the casual dinners in Cat and Mouse, Mouse House was born - a guest house with two addresses for overnight stays in the center of Plovdiv. This completely closed the circle of opportunities for work, life and entertainment in the heart of the oldest living city in Europe.

In a number of texts we have presented the indisputable advantages of working in the unique atmosphere of Kapana and over the bar. In Plovdiv there’s a fairly well-developed community of expats, most of whom are regular customers at the bar. Through face-to-face contacts and social networks, this is a great way to make new acquaintances, and why not partners for the development of business ideas. The city under the hills offers numerous opportunities for a casual lifestyle and combines work and entertainment in an excellent way.

The office above a beer bar, in addition to the possibility of constant socialization, is also a prerequisite for longer working hours, as you can use the coworking space until late. The speed of the Internet in the country and on the spot is really impressive, and you also get the standard additional services such as the use of copiers, free coffee and water and the availability of a locker for personal belongings.

Each of our projects was born of our desire to show our views on how we have fun in Plovdiv, how we work and how we rest. They are united by our attitude to everything - personal, with respect and attention. Our projects in the city under the hills complement each other, and what unites them is the pursuit of an authentic experience.