Coworking spaces have helped fill the gap that has emerged in recent years for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for office space to rent. They offer accommodation to companies just starting out in business or to freelancers looking for a desk outside the home. As with any business decision, it is also appropriate here, with your initial intention to join a coworking space, to ask yourself some questions to help you make a choice.

What is your intention for the coworking space?

Do you plan to organize meetings and have conversations there, or do you just want to get out of the home atmosphere and immerse yourself in an office environment? Knowing your intention for the space will help you direct your decision exactly to the specific level of accommodation you need. Most places offer different options and will kindly guide you to the best choice. In Cat and Mouse you have the opportunity to stay at a fixed workplace with 24 hour access or hot desking, where you’ll have to comply with the free availability at the moment. For meetings and interviews, there’s a separate room available, allowing reservations both hourly and for the whole working day.

Will the space benefit your productivity?

The coworking space won’t only belong to you. There will be other people and teams coming in and out of the office and having conversations that disrupt your concentration. On the other hand, this type of collaboration often leads to fruitful relationships and partnerships, as well as the exchange of creative ideas and opportunities. First of all, you need to determine for yourself in what environment you work best and before signing a long-term contract, test whether the coworking space reflects your personal approach to the work process. If you want to increase your productivity, be sure to take a few minutes and read our 8 ways to boost your productivity in a coworking environment.

Will the space be beneficial for your business?

One of the biggest advantages of coworking spaces is that you can build relationships with people with whom you have the same business interests and similar development ideas. Determine which professionals you want to get around and see if the chosen coworking space brings together this type of entrepreneurs. In Cat and Mouse, one of the biggest positives is the bar under the shared office, where meetings of the expat community and a number of young people with initiatives in the field of information technology, digital marketing, business investment and others are often organized.

Will you have access to separate rooms?

In every business there are times when you need privacy and space for presentations or business meetings. Always check the possibilities for this and the conditions for access. With us, on request you can have a separate room for up to 10 people, in which to present your project with multimedia. One of the rooms of the beer bar is also easily transformed into a space for discussions and can easily accommodate up to 20 people. Free water and coffee are included in the rental price, and additional catering can be provided upon request.

Can you afford it?

If you are a start-up business or an entrepreneur, you need to consider whether you can afford office space. That's why we guarantee that using a coworking space is one of the most economical ways to start and at the same time make the most of amenities such as a central location, office supplies, regular cleaning and free coffee and water. To learn more about membership options and prices for using the space, visit our website or contact us through social media pages and by phone.