She always has a big smile and an interesting sense of humor, and if she’s in the mood – you’ll definitely leave with a sore stomach from laughter, because she’s full of jokes and insanely funny stories!

Introduce yourself:

A victim of the friendship of nations.

How long have you been a bartender in Cat & Mouse and what keeps you here?

Нямам никаква идея от колко време съм тук. Много искам да си тръгна, но… просто Сърце не ми дава!

I have no idea how long I've been here. I really want to leave, but I just don’t have the heart to do it!

What is Cat & Mouse to you?

Literally, a large space with three separate rooms where beer is sold, some people come to work and they do some other nonsense, oh, and they detain you from playing barbut.

What is your favorite beer? And which beer do you recommend most often to customers?

Whiskey (haha), but since it's not politically correct to say it – Trima I Dvama - Mashin'Pumpkin.

I don’t have a specific beer to recommend - it depends on the client and the mood.

Tell us a funny story from the bar:

Friday night. I’m on my shift with Valio and the bar is full of people everywhere. Orders are pouring in from everywhere, and we are both like the Many-Handed Shiva – we pour with one hand, we serve with the other and by the way we somehow collect money and return the change. For a musical background there is a strong rock concert. Whereupon, at the most sublime moment, when everyone around us is waiting, Valio raises his hands and shouts in a serious tone: WAIT!

We all stare at him in anticipation of what happened, when he starts to rock to the background sounding solo, I join and gradually hear how the customers start rocking too!... Well, 30 seconds of hard core and we’re back to the Many-Handed Shiva.

That's it - we are a team!