We all make plans for the next 12 months, whether they are more modest and easier to implement, or large and time-consuming. At the end of each period, the most unpleasant feeling is when we realize that a goal can’t be achieved, mostly due to misalignment or lack of motivation. And so that we don't experience this feeling at the end of 2022, the Cat and Mouse Coworking team has prepared for you several necessary changes in everyday life, which make every aspiration more accessible and easier to achieve!

Get out of your comfort zone

Two things that are completely incompatible are achieving big goals and maintaining comfort. The first requires you to be very persistent and highly inspired, and this doesn’t usually happen in a routine place. These risks beyond your own convenience can be very small, such as waking up 15 minutes early to take a morning walk, joining a book club that introduces you to new people and topics, or starting a new business that requires a fraction of your time. But all this is guaranteed to motivate you to take on the challenge with all your might and work harder to succeed.

Take care of your own physical and mental health

Staying healthy is the best way to make sure your mind is clear and ready to go. The feeling of sluggishness in everyday life can repel you from the desire to perform your basic duties and further alienate you from the goals you have set. Everyone knows how important it is to drink enough water and get enough sleep, but there are a bunch of other seemingly insignificant things that can affect your motivation and psyche. If you spend all day watching a computer screen, stay away from your phone or TV at night. In case you are constantly having conversations at work, try to focus your energy on 10 minutes of quiet meditation at home to clear your thoughts and reset your priorities. The key to success is above all in ourselves, and the guarantee of its achievement depends on the state in which we are at a given moment.

To increase your productivity, start by changing your daily habits

If you follow our blog regularly, you've probably learned about our 8 ways to increase your productivity, aimed specifically at people working in coworking spaces. With them, you will notice that sometimes quite routine actions and habits take up too much of our time and attention. For example, for some people, constantly checking the mailbox is extremely distracting. In these cases, just set an interval at which to do it without refreshing and distracting yourself constantly. Another activity that often hinders higher productivity is impromptu meetings, which take too much time. To avoid them, make a strict plan for the day and don’t allow yourself to move away from the tasks in it! Increasing productivity due to the elimination of distractions is always an incentive to invest extra energy in more intensive work to achieve the goals already set in personal and work aspects.

Expand your network of contacts and business partners

Networking is the key to many successful businesses and results. Find people with similar plans or those who have already passed the level you aspire to. Make contacts with them and apply in your work what is successful as an example.

To this end, be able to make the most effective use of the different people with whom working in a coworking space "meets" you every day. Take an interest in them and learn their positive habits and approaches. Dare to look at yourself and the environment through their eyes and only in this way you’ll be able to find hitherto unsuspected ways to achieve your aspirations.

Always write down your wishes so that at the end of the set period you can make a conclusion of how far you’ve come. Remember to celebrate every little victory and keep surpassing yourself with every new wish.