Introduce yourself:

The fish - explorer. I love swimming and exploring new territories.

How long have you been a bartender in Cat & Mouse and what keeps you here?

It will be half a year soon. And what keeps me here - in the first place hipsteria and the fact that I can communicate with people without pretensions and without thinking too much. Of course, I love beer and the place, actually the basr is my astral twin

What is Cat & Mouse to you?

Extremely strange place in the universe, where interesting people gather. I love the bar and because I can come here to play my favorite games. Ouzo is great with backgammon, and I can't help but mention the iconic three dice and the drunken barbut tournaments we have.

What is your favorite beer? And which beer do you recommend most often to customers?

I'm a fan of hop beers and I currently like UNLACKEE of Trima I Dvama Brewery.

As for the recommendation, my friends tease me that I have to become an advertising face of the sour beer of Divo Pivo, since I sold a lot of it!

Tell us a funny story from the bar:

I immediately remember when we came as clients with a friend after her concert and had a great time. Laughter with the bartenders, lots of beers and not so many memories. We had a blast! ... And just a few weeks later, from the bar called me if I wanted to be part of the team.

It seemed to be a destiny, right!?