You can't be in Kapana and not stop to look at one of the most fabulously painted buildings in the neighborhood. The House with the Crocodile, as we call it, is located at 15 Hristo Dyukmedzhiev Street. It has been attracting all lenses since last summer with its photogenicity, but today there is another reason to enjoy it. Our favorite craft beer bar Cat and Mouse found its natural extension there. The place is called LOCAL and has a slightly different concept – it focuses on local beverage production.

7 years ago, when the whole idea of ​​a special place for beer in Plovdiv was born, there wasn’t much variety of Bulgarian products on the market. The Cat gradually developed a large assortment of over 200 beers from around the world, while at the same time in its homeland the market for local artisanal hop drinks was rapidly gaining momentum and was enriched with new and interesting offers. This is how the idea of ​​a bar, exclusively aimed at regional producers and customers looking for the local and typical, was born.

Of course, all this didn’t happen overnight, but came very gradually with the development of several other projects. First it started with the creation of a bilingual digital guide under the hills - Lost in Plovdiv, then the bohemian nights in Kapana found their continuation in the guest house with two locations in the top center of Plovdiv - Mouse House, and 2019 was the occasion for a meeting place for all creative and entrepreneurial individuals looking for a place to turn their ideas into reality with Cat and Mouse Coworking.

It turned out that the spring of 2022 was the right time to open Cat and Mouse LOCAL, whose main focus is on the selection of quality beers and beverages that are produced in the region and are not mainstream. The well-known beer from its own brand is already complemented by two more draft flavors and all of them, together with the bottled versions, are brewed at various local brewers. Only in this place you will be able to try specially selected and prepared for the brand wines and rakia. For this purpose, it again relies on grape varieties and wineries, which are typical for the Plovdiv region. To satisfy all tastes, the owners have not limited themselves to the local, as some drinks such as whiskey simply don’t have a native alternative suitable in quality.

One of the biggest advantages of Cat and Mouse LOCAL is undoubtedly the sheltered yard, nestled between two walls, the outdoor space is the perfect combination of comfort and intimacy with the festive and uplifting atmosphere of Kapana.

We guarantee that this is not a place you will want to miss and we are convinced that with the first step inside you will find the absolute charm and ease of the place.