Mouse House is a guest house with two locations in the central part of Plovdiv. In the restoration of the 100-year-old buildings, the creators trusted talented local architects who know and love the spirit of the city. One of the places is nestled right in the heart of the old artisan district of Kapana, where large and newly built hotels cannot fit in. The buildings here are of architectural and cultural value, and this brings tourists closer to the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture. The second location is in close proximity to the Main Street and all the sights and thus offers a pedestrian opportunity to tour, explore and be intoxicated by the history, culture and atmosphere in the oldest living city in Europe.

When the apartments were opened, contactless check-in was implemented through an electronic safe at the entrance, for which you receive a personal code on your phone. At the same time, it is important for the owners to have an option for constant communication in the person of Adelina. She is available for any inquiries and advice related to your stay in Plovdiv.

To meet the needs of travelers and ensure the most authentic experience, Mouse House also has physical maps with selected recommendations. There are suggestions of where to eat, drink, where the main cultural attractions are and all this is selected according to the different interests of the visitors.

The socialization in Mouse House takes place in the other elements of the concept for creating a complete experience under the hills: the Cat and Mouse and Local bars, as well as in the Cat & Mouse Coworking Space. All units are connected by easy communication and access and united around the idea of an unforgettable stay in Plovdiv. Discounts are available as a complement, and this perfectly combines the pleasant, useful and necessary – overnight stay, work, and fun.

The owner’s desire with the invisible service and all other activities with which they try to facilitate their guests is to create a complete atmosphere and for tourists to feel the spirit of the city and feel a part of it just like the locals!