The idea of creating a coworking space in the heart of Kapana isn’t new. We work and create in the premises above the cult beer bar Cat and Mouse from the very formation of the district and we have long wanted to share this feeling. This is how Cat & Mouse Coworkig was born - the place for all those creative people who wouldn’t be satisfied with the boring business centers and need an inspiring atmosphere to boost their productiveness and create a sense of community.

The main goal of Cat and Mouse Coworking is for freelancers and entrepreneurs to be able to share experience and even help and complement each other in the realization of their business ideas. The top location in the very center of the city and the ability to work in the creative environment of the art district are just some of the benefits of this new generation office. We have three rooms in close proximity to the most popular bar under the hills, which allows you to change the work environment at any time and alternate work with pleasure. The morning coffee will be served with a smile and top quality from a professional espresso machine, and at any of the events taking place in Cat and Mouse you will receive a free drink from the bar.

Cat & Mouse Coworking attracts people with innovative ideas from different spheres of activity and on different positions. By choosing Cat and Mouse you will find yourself in a community of creative and entrepreneurial people. This is the perfect place to create new contacts in a casual setting, avoiding the pressure of formal networking events. In the coworking space, there are new fresh faces of freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists and digital nomads.

The location of Cat and Mouse Coworking allows you to vary your everyday life with a walk through the streets of the artistic district or finish the day with a glass of beer in the bar in a pleasant company. If you're looking for something different, you can relax with a game of Sjoelbak. Also known as Dutch Shuffleboard, the Dutch game quickly gathered fans under the hills after Cat and Mouse opened the first Sjoelbak club, offering new entertainment to all visitors of the creative district.