MouseHouse – pleasant and slow bohemian life in Plovdiv

MouseHouse is a boutique guest house with two addresses in the top center of Plovdiv. Our first location is on a quiet street in the heart of the Kapana Creative District, just a few steps from the biggest attractions under the hills. It has three double rooms, a private bathroom and an entrance, and the design of each is inspired by the culture, art and crafts in the area. The place is suitable for couples as well as solo travelers.

Our second location is an intersection on Main Street - very close to the stairs of Kamenitsa and the Italian Street. Here we have three apartments with two bedrooms and a small living room in a larger separate building, which allows us to provide more space and comfort to our visitors. In each of the places we can comfortably accommodate 4 to 5 guests.

MouseHouse is not just a guest house, but a natural extension of the leisurely nights under the hills. Through it we aim to express our idea of a pleasant and slow bohemian life in Plovdiv. We renovated the premises with utmost respect for the history of the place and attention to every little detail. We tried to preserve the spirit of the buildings and created furniture that is almost entirely handmade so that your stay at MouseHouse can be a real treat for the senses.

Mouse House

MouseHouse is not only a guesthouse. We want it to bring pleasure for the senses.